Alpaca Trekking & Scottish Scenery

You're going to be welcomed by Linsay on arrival. Linsay'll take you to the Alpaca pen where you'll continue your wonderful experience. Linsay 've got three lovely little boys named Eric, Toby and Sid to introduce you to. Obviously, Alpacas are very inquisitive creatures, so you're going to feed the boys so they can come up nice and close and get to know you a little better until they move. Then Linsay  going to enter the pen to show you how Linsay  treat the Alpacas, tell you everything about them and get their halters ready to go! You are then assigned to walk with an Alpaca and continue your journey together. You're going to have a nice, slow walk around a field and you can feel the calming effect of walking with an Alpaca. 

On the way round there will be plenty of photo opportunities.
You'll take the boys back to their pen after the walk where you'll feel their incredibly soft wool and pose for some more pictures with them!

What I’ll provide 

Coffee, tea and water are available on request for tea, coffee and water.

What to bring

Appropriate footwear to walk around a field (Grass can be wet)

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