English-speaking, experienced, screened babysitters for babies to teens. Whether you need a babysitter for a few hours while you go out to dinner, to take care of the kids during the day while you attend a conference, or even to accompany you at a wedding or as you explore Istanbul, Hotel Momcierge will refer the babysitter who best suits your needs Screening All babysitters are carefully vetted using a rigorous interview process. They must have minimum 2 years’ experience, and at least 2 verbal and written references. All babysitters know basic first aid. Languages All Hotel Momcierge babysitters speak fluent English and practical Turkish. Other languages include German, French, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian. Locations Our babysitting service is available in Istanbul. We refer babysitters to wherever you are staying, whether a hotel, apartment or home. They can also bring a selection of age-appropriate toys (upon request). We've referred babysitters to over 50 hotels in Turkey. Booking Please book in advance to ensure service, especially in high season. Once booked, we will send you the babysitter’s biography, photo and references, and you are welcome to speak to or meet them in advance for your peace of mind.

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