Bays & Beaches of Ullswater by Kayak

No matter how you get to Glenridding, you will find that I stay and paddle around this corner of the Lake District well before arrival. The small road of the Sailing Center is right next to the bridge, across from the shop of Sharmans. The first things we're going to do are figure out what's needed for the trip and match you with the plane. Unless there is an odd number of people, doubles are used. A short brief on what to do is given, then it's on the deck. There are plenty of bays and beaches. There's definitely a couple of favorites that we're going to pass, but there's no fixed path or point out there. If you decide to go back to the town, I'll show some really nice walks, camping sites and picnic spots for your future trips. 

What's included ? 

All the equipment required for a half day trip to Ullswater by sea kayak   Experience a nice day, have a chat, pass on a bit of knowledge to, and learn from, people looking for a similar venture. 

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