Home Disinfecting

With our professionals & certified partner Prote.co provides services to clean your living spaces with nano disinfection, which is the most effective method of protection against all viruses and bacteria, especially Corona Virus (COVID-19) . Prote.co’s experienced staff can easily We disinfect your home, office, hotel room.

What is nano disinfection?

Disinfection is a protective procedure which prevents infectious diseases from spreading. The goal is to kill the viruses, bacteria and fungi that grow in the soil and to avoid possible surface sticking. Periodic disinfection does not enable viruses to hang on to the surface and stay there;

How do Prote.co disinfect healthy?

The disinfection process duration to be performed varies according to the type of disinfectant used. Prote.co utilises tThe Huwa-san TR50 disinfectant that we use contains hydrogen-stabilized hydrogen peroxide. This product destroys almost all viruses, bacteria and fungi found in the environment.

In addition, the duration of action is much broader than other types of disinfectants used; Prevents virus attachment in the environment for 25-30 days 

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