Undiscoverd London by Bicycle

In a small group, we will visit two parts of London-the City's historic square mile and lively & artistic East London bringing over 2,000 years of history in Roman London, across London's re-generated and gentrified ' hipster ' side where street art painting is still wet and English is not many residents ' first language.

I'll tell you lots of legends and stories about the characters that influenced the history of London as we travel.
This trip is for you if:-you want to see the historic communities where people have lived and worked for centuries-sitting on a tour bus is too passive-you want to go off the beaten track and see London's alternative sights (although we have the best views of the River Bridge)-you want to engage with a true Londoner who can give you truthful opinions on all aspects of British Life

You're going to ride my personal bikes range, including the option to ride one of my mountain bamboo bikes or one of my carefully curated vintage city bikes.

What's included ?


Bicycle and Helmet

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