Getting to your hotel from Ataturk Airport

This one is a must-remember right after you book your hotel room:  jot down where it is located so that you won’t get confused when you’re in the city.

Ataturk Airport is one of the busiest around, with over 63 million passengers passing through in 2017. Istanbul has 2 running airports in total, though. Other than that, Ataturk Airport is not considered “close to the center” at all – but you will probably land there, not the one at the Asian side, Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Don’t worry! Although it looks too far from the city center on the map (You can use Google Maps in Istanbul to find your way without thinking by the way); there are, at any time, lots of transportation options. So it’s your time to choose one of them as your quickest way of getting to bed.

In one of our previous Tips “How to Choose the Way of Transportation”, we gave you a brief information about the transportation of the city, Istanbul. However, they are still applicable tips, and you might not prefer to take a bus especially if it is your first time around - and in case you’ve had a tiring flight.

Not that we encourage you to take a taxi but you can, for sure, arrange a transfer method that will definitely help you feel more comfortable than public transportation, and, more importantly, that will be more affordable in comparison to a taxi.

DoNotForget*** to ask your hotel staff how you can reach there. Most Hotels will offer an Airport Pick-Up service, which is one of the easiest ways, but let us help you on this: Chat now.

DidNotFinish*** assisting you to feel like home while traveling. That’s why we highly recommend that you chat with our agents to get some useful hints. Alternatively, check out our Concierge section.


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