How to Choose the Way of Transportation

It is an understatement to say that Istanbul traffic is a problem. There are always cars on the roads – after working hours, it is risky not to use public transportation.

Considering the previous years, public transportation has improved well enough to, maybe, take yourself on a trip around the city. You are highly recommended to prefer public transportation over other ways of transportation.

Perhaps, you won’t be in the mood of taking a bus each day you are around; if you’ve got an only chance which is to take a taxi, please be careful – there are thousands of vigilant taxi drivers in the city. It’s always good to have a healthy level of suspicion. Despite the recently-occurred taxi scams, using taxi might be less costly than you think.

Other than the taxi; metro, tram, and funicular lines in the city center are well maintained and constantly supervised by security personnel. Note that you will definitely regret it if you miss out on the views from the ferry!

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