5 Best Travel Apps for the UK

During your travels abroad, travel apps are your best aides. Maps and printed guides of the past century are already near-forgotten. What we have now is a wide and vast variety of interactive apps that would help you for a flawless travel experience during your stay in Turkey. 



Apps that travelers should use

A good travel app is your best buddy when abroad. But not all apps are user-friendly or easy to use. That is why you need to check some specifications before deciding on what to install on your smartphone.

If you have a generous data plan while traveling, then apps should be:

Easy to use

Free to download

Working both online and offline.

If you don’t have these data options, then better focus on the following specifications:

Apps should not be using much internet data

Be easy to use

Be free to download.

In this article, we are going to introduce five of the best free travel apps available on Google’s Playstore and iOS’ App Store for Turkey. All of those apps are free to install and Mobile WiFi Device compatible.


Turkey is known for its good quality hotels. Since accommodation in Turkey is not always easy to find and less pricey, Airbnb makes it easier and more affordable. Many travelers looking for accommodation use Airbnb to rent rooms, homes, and apartments. Even trailers and boat-houses are available for you in Airbnb. You can choose the date and duration of your stay and then select the best option available to you.

Hotel Tonight

You are already in Turkey but forgot to book your hotel? Seriously? Do not worry. Because Hotel Tonight will do the trick. All you need to do is running the app via your smartphone and Hotel Tonight will find you all the available hotel rooms with best prices.

Google Trips

Today, Google-powered Android devices have the majority stake in the smartphone market. A recent study shows that 75% of smartphone users are using Android devices. And since Google is the main developer of Android, Google apps become essential. For those relying on Google Maps, Calendar and Gmail, Google Trips will work perfectly. It automatically gathers information from your Google services. For example, if you have a flight reservation email in your Gmail for Turkey, Google Trips will suggest you hotels, restaurants and touristic locations based on your flight. Is not it amazing to have your very own personal assistant in your pocket?

And if you prefer a live assistant instead of an automatic response, you can use this app that offers live assistance wherever you’re traveling to.


Hopper what? It is an amazing service for Turkey. Hopper works simple: It tracks flight prices for you and let you know when it is cheap and best to buy – and when to avoid. So, when you are enjoying your stay in Turkey, you can let Hopper find the best flight for your next trip.


No travel app list would be complete without one of the leading online source for travelers: TripAdvisor. Most of the hotels, restaurants and touristic sites in Turkey have their TripAdvisor reviews. Before or even on the site, you can easily open TripAdvisor app and read the reviews and suggestions about the locations. TripAdvisor literally works at any corner of Turkey when you have a network connection.

There is only one downside of these apps for people traveling around the world not having access to a network connection (which is – believe us- more of a common experience): Without any stable network connection, you’re not able to use these apps, since they only work online.

Fortunately, you can book Rent ‘n Connect wifi hotspot devices for your travels abroad and stay connected with our high speed, unlimited Wi-Fi and enjoy using these highly helpful apps!


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!


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